Removal Companies with Storage

Customers are on a constant lookout for mere convenience especially during a hectic phase like moving out. Not only would you need help with removal and unloading, but packing and other necessary services could be overwhelming too if they are handled on your own. It is common for everyone to be needing that extra helping hand so do not worry that you might be a burden to yourself. Get all the help that you need now before the situation could take a toll on you and your family which can be avoided with the extra help from Platinum Removals.

Platinum Removals believe in providing all the necessities you would ever need to clear your mind off the daunting period that you would have otherwise need to go through alone during a move out. We offer packing services to organize and get your valuables in order before arranging them neatly to be loaded up the truck or/and a storage unit. We even provide the packing boxes needed and an additional protective layer if you need that additional layer of assurance to safeguard your belongings. Our removalists are professionals who are AFRA-trained who will not leave a single scratch on your precious possessions.

Ever thought of the workload that could be overwhelming especially if you do not have helping hands from friends and family? Fret not as our team of removalists at Platinum Removals are all ready at your disposal whenever you need the extra hand. Whether it is to help you with the boxes to be loaded onto the moving truck or onto a self storage, they are always at your service. You do not even have to worry about going the extra mile looking for trucking services as we have just the right mode of transportation ready for you.

How about self storage? Have you made prior arrangements before the actual moving day or did you actually overlook the whole storage unit scenario amidst your busy schedule and now you are left with no additional storage to secure your goods in? This is when the one-stop-service center by Platinum Removals comes in handy. Not only do we provide moving/relocating services, but we also have an entire collection of storage modules for our customers to securely store their goods in whether on a temporary or permanent basis. Prices start from as low as $99/module with the module size being the largest in the industry.

The idea is to leave the whole daunting experience at the hands of our professional team of removalists so you can rest assured that your moving day will be as smooth as you would have expected. Let us do the work that you would have otherwise dreaded.