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Leading home & office removalists in Bondi and surrounding areas with storage space

We are a well known, professional removal company based in Bondi Junction. We serve the greater Sydney Metro area, including Bondi, Bondi Junction, Bondi Beach and surrounding suburbs.

Areas We Serve: Sydney CBD, Ashfield, Bondi Beach, Eastern Suburbs, Hills District, Lower North Shore, Northern Districts, Warringah, Woollahra

Our services include home removal and office relocation. With great prices, and service that is second to none Platinum Removals is your best choice for all your removal needs.

Our services include home removal and office relocation. With great prices, and service that is second to none Platinum Removals is your best choice for all your removal needs.

No matter what items you hold in store at your home, our removalists will be happy to help you get them prepared and packed with protective padding when you store with us. We know that sometimes a lot of the items in your home have started piling up over the years and can pose a bit of problem when you’re trying to sort out the details for your new home. We offer you the choice to put these items away with us!

Our impeccable service standards guarantee that you can trust us to take care of all of your things while you handle removal out of your old house or apartment and into your new one! All you need to is give us a call and find out more about how our new storage services can work for you!

Platinum Storage Services

Commercial and Business Storage Services always come at a premium, but now with Platinum Storage & Removals, factoring in storage prices into your company’s budget can be a reality!

We enjoy working with smaller and medium businesses in the greater Sydney region because we know that sometimes it can be hard enough to make ends meet at the end of the month and having to worry about moving and removals on top of it all can be potentially very harrowing. So that’s where having a pod storage system comes in

Most people would be pulling their hair out with the sheer number of things that need to be coordinated when it comes to office and company removals so when you include this method of storage and safe-keeping, our business owners are able to better plan out their operations and service to coincide with the movement of all of their items without having to worry about lags or delays in their supply chain.

Our mobile storage system can help your company to streamline its production line and ensure that nobody suffers even while a huge operation of removals is carrying on in the background.

You can look forward to our Move Coordinators and Team Leaders to be responsive to your every need and helping you to synchronize all the different aspects of your removals and factoring in your self storage units will allow them to provide you with a better flexibility in all the situations surrounding your move. Because all of our storage units are portable, that means that you have the luxury of having your items brought directly to your every location, just like a regular removals would be carry out, but should you need some extra time, you won’t have to worry about having to house all these items until the next time you can attend to everything.

Platinum Storage & Removals can give you a removals solution that is that adaptable to your situation simply by combining moving and storage services together. More importantly, our self storage prices are at a level where you won’t have to worry too much about incorporating this added benefit into your package with us!