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Leading home & office removals in Ashfield

Platinum Removals has been servicing the Sydney NSW area including the Ashfield area for over four years now.

Areas We Serve: Sydney CBD, Ashfield, Bondi Beach, Eastern Suburbs, Hills District, Lower North Shore, Northern Districts, Warringah, Woollahra

We cater to both home removals and office removals for clients in the Sydney suburbs including the Ashfield area, and everything in between as well.

As the leading commercial removalist company in Sydney, we know exactly what it is that you need when you say that you need to undertake a huge job like a commercial move. Whether you’re shifting around equipment or getting things organized and ready for storage, or even if an eminent expansion is underway, you’re looking at the company that will make everything as easy as 1-2-3 for you!

We supply all that you require for the move and store under one roof – including the packing material like boxes, tape and bubble wrap, and also content insurance that is definitely a prerequisite if you are transporting valuable and sensitive items. You’ll be glad to know that we also provide pre-packing services so your employees do not need to take time out to have their items packed, and they can focus on the tasks at hand to keep your business up and running even while in the backend things may be hectic with getting from one place to another.

Our staff are well trained to give you a comprehensive understanding of what’s required in a large-scale move like a office move and we’ll be more than happy to help you work out a plan that matched your time frame and budget for everything. We have flexible options for whatever the case may be, down to how many removalists you require and how much time is required to get everything safely wrapped up to go.

When it comes to your business, we understand the difficulties of getting everything organized and executed in a short time frame, so you can trust us to have the right tools and equipments to ensure things are safely transported and work stations and equipment is set up on time, in no time at all! Platinum Removals holds the highest standards of operation and customer service, so do feel free to suggest and share with us what you require so that we can make it happen for you!

For your next office removal, get your free quote from Platinum Removals at 1300 634 859 and experience what it’s like to have the Platinum service for all your removal needs.

To book or to enquire about our office and home relocation services in the Ashfield area or any other Sydney location, contact us by the booking form on the right or give us a call today.

When it comes to getting the best in the business for removal and removals in Sydney, you only need to come to Platinum Removals! And now you can come to us for self storage services that are the top of the range too! When your family needs a little extra space in the house or you’re wondering about what to do with an extra coffee table and the old highchair, you would think of mobile storage units to give you the freedom to work around your logistics without all these items in the way!

And because we are a removal company, you can trust us to make the whole experience so convenient for you and your family by coupling our storage services with our loading and packing services so that all the removal and shifting around happens quickly and pain free!

Storage Space with Platinum Storage & Removals

When you’re dealing with all the different aspects of a house removal, some extra storage space might really come in handy!

And you’ll be surprised that storage costs aren’t that high up in the sky when you deal with Platinum Storage & Removals. Especially if you’re looking at a moving and storage package with us, some extra facilities might really make a difference when you are getting everything organized!

You already know that Platinum Storage & Removals helps you with getting everything coordinated well. Between our Team Leaders and Move Coordinators, you have an entire team at your disposal to help with moving things around when you’re ready to move. Throwing in the self storage options into the mix ensures that in case you have some issues with the lease or the construction and renovation of your home, you will have some options to help facilitate the move without too much of a headache to you!

Self storage with us is basically helping you to move some of your odds and ends out of the home and into a safe and secure location. Coupled with our packing services too, you can really sit back and relax and take this move in your stride! Our packing team has had a lot of experience handling all sorts of items and helping you to really get the most out of the space that you’ve hired. If you’ve ever considered how we manage to fit all of your items into 1 loading van, then you’ll be shocked at how we’ll help you save space in your storage unit if you need to rent one for furniture storage!

Our team has successfully incorporated self storage services for all of our clients in the greater Sydney and Canberra region to give them a seamless experience when they are moving and storing with us. You can have that experience too!

You’ll never know how our mobile storage can work for you until you give us a chance to explain to you exactly how things can come together for you.

So give us a call and let us work out a moving and storage plan for you!