Things To Avoid When You Plan A Move

When it comes to moving home, there’s a tonne of things that needs to be coordinated! Such that it’s inevitable that if you’ve not planned a move before, there are things that are sure to happen that might put a dent in the schedule or the way you thought things would happen on moving day itself! We’ve been in business helping people with moving house for many years now and we had a fair share of learning when we first started out too. We’d like to share with you some tips that we’ve gathered from our customers so that you can take note of the advice when you next embark on moving homes!

Don’t forget to research
With the internet, it’s so easy to find out about the moving and removals companies that offer services to you. It’s also relatively easy to get good price comparisons too. But besides doing a surface level comparison, take the time to read into reviews of the company and see what other customers have said about them and the work that they do.

Don’t leave out the estimate
An estimate or quote is something that most people will leave out when they initially start planning. Perhaps you might think that it’s troublesome to get somebody to come down and you end up providing a rough gauge to the moving and removals company to save time. Well, this may leave you with a tricky situation after you’re done packing. What if you realise that you have more boxes than you estimated, or worse, that you have too little and you end up over paying?

Don’t be too confident
Avoid being too conservative with your estimates too! Especially when it comes to time frames. Moving takes time and sometimes unforeseen circumstances can happen – it may start raining or turns out that a piece of furniture needs to be disassembled before it can be moved out. That being said, you may also want to check out the different types of moving insurance that is available to you so that you can ensure that you’re covered from all angles if a mishap does occur.

Don’t stress out!
As daunting as the whole procedure may be, take time out once in a while to have a breather. Life doesn’t revolve around moving homes and you should remember to breathe once in a while and come back to planning when you’re in a good frame of mind. You can even rope some friends in who can lend you some hands or helpful advice too! When in doubt, that’s what the professionals are there for – you can look into hiring a coordinator who will help you to ensure that things go off without a hitch.