#1 Furniture Storage in Sydney

When you’re in the midst of moving homes and you need a place to put all your furniture in storage for a while, why not look to our storage solutions to complement your removals package with us?

Find removals and storage solutions all under one roof with the Platinum Removals & Storage Company!

We are already known in Sydney for our commitment, dedication and diligence at the work that we do, so it’s needless to say that when you are looking for short term storage services, you’ll get nothing short of a stellar experience when you hire our storage units! Platinum Removals & Storage is offering you the lowest in storage costs for furniture storage when you hire us for a removals job so that you don’t have to worry about synchronizing your move in dates when you’re in between houses or offices – we can take care of the logistics for you!

Our team of removalists are very well-versed with all the different aspects of removals and you can expect us to give your items the very same care and attention when we are moving everything into our mobile storage modules. Mobile self storage will revolutionise the way that you move homes since essentially you are moving everything into our loading containers for short term storage until you are ready to have everything delivered to your new home! Instead of moving everything on the same day, you can now take your time when you are moving homes and can you imagine how much less stressful the whole process would be now?

For a lot of our customers, they are making use of the rock bottom storage prices that come accompany your removals and storage package with Platinum Removals & Storage to start hoarding all the great furniture pieces they’ve been able to purchase before their homes are ready. Instead of having to buy everything after your home is ready, with such cheap and accessible furniture storage that accompanies and complements your removals package, you can easily save hundreds of dollars by keeping all of your discount buys with us until you are ready to move everything into your new home! And the best thing is that we will help you to coordinate getting everything to your home so that you don’t have to worry about handling different parties when you’re ready to move.

Just remember that all of our removalists’ experience come in handy when you’re moving your items into our furniture storage too. Just as you will benefit from all our years in the business helping people get from one place to another, you can now tap into our expertise to keep all of those items safe in storage too! We’re the experts not only in transiting your items, but in storage of them too!

Storing furniture with Platinum Removals and Storage is easy and safe since we ensure that we have made the provisions for the safe-keeping of all of your furniture that will be going into storage. Our highly-trained removalists are also capable of helping you to dismantle some of the bulkier pieces of furniture so that you can maximise the storage space within your storage units. Headboards and cabinet panels are easily stacked together and bound with our furniture padding – you can’t expect anything less from our furniture storage services!

When you store your items with us, you can be assured of our continued commitment to quality services and value-for-money storage prices. Just as you are able to bank on our facilities and equipments as a removals company, we are continually expanding our range of options to provide you with the very best of complementary services when you hire us! With our self storage options, you’ll definitely be able to get all that you need for your house moving and more!