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When the topic of moving out is concerned, we know that many processes are involved as well. There is the packing process, removals, and the loading and unloading processes as well. Every single one requires a certain amount of effort as well as expertise to ensure everything goes as planned. Platinum Removals has been handling all of the above-mentioned processes with much ease with the help from our professional team of AFRA-trained removalists who are careful and experienced in the field. We handle every single one of your item with tender loving care even if it means having to carry the bulkiest of your furniture pieces down steep flights of stairs. Our aim is to ensure that you do not have to do any work on the actual moving day whether you will be moving to a new home or to our very own self storage facility. Regardless of the location, we are here to lend a helping hand and ensure that you will move out without much needed effort. We also have in store for you various bundle deals that include more than just removal service, so you can rest assured that moving out is indeed a breeze with Platinum Removals.

Coping with the Stress of Moving

House removals are a flurry of activity. There are companies to be contacted – the utilities, movers, packers and facilities and council boards, there are things to be packed – furniture, clothes, appliances and documents, and there are a thousand and one other things that need to be coordinated so that things can go smoothly on the actual moving day when removalists come by to get things moved. We know that sometimes things can get out of hand, but in order to prevent a breakdown and-or chaos from happening, here are some things that you can do to help you […]

Personalising your New House or Apartment

So you’ve made it to your new house and you’re getting all settled in. Your moving boxes are placed in the right rooms and you’re getting around to unpacking. But things still feel a little foreign to you. What can you do to make yourself feel more at home and how do you really get comfortable in your new place? Platinum Removals knows what it’s like to be in an unfamiliar environment, so we’ve put together some things that you can do to personalise your new flat or house! 1) Making repairs or fixing up different areas of your home […]

How does Content Insurance work for House Removals?

When it comes to house or office removals, it can be hard to entrust all your worldly professions into the hands of the professionals. There is always a worry that things may get broken or scuffed or damaged during the process. Even with the most careful of removalist teams, there is a chance that something may happen beyond the control of anyone too – bad weather or a traffic accident caused by someone else or even theft or fire while things are in the midst of the move! That is why it is so important to consider content insurance or […]

Handling Removals on Your Own

When it comes to moving to a new home, things can really get quite exciting and hectic as the day for removals draws nearer. And even more so if you’re intending to handle the removals on your own, whether with your family and friends or truly putting your back into moving things from your old home to your new. But in all of this, you need to take these quick tips to make sure that things are being done just right when you handle your own removals. Take Stock Every good removalist, like Platinum Removals Sydney, Eastern Suburbs knows to […]

Hiring Professional Removalists

It really doesn’t matter where you are moving to, because removals is a tough business! That’s why Platinum Removals has made it our business to be top of the industry when it comes to moving and removals in Sydney! And that means that we have years of experience of helping people get their things from one place to the next. But for our customers, they may be moving for the very first time and even for repeat movers, there is still a very fine line with getting the job done right! There are lots of things to coordinate, it can […]

How to Handle a Commercial Removal

Platinum Removals has handled a number of commercial removals projects in its years of experience and we’d love to share with you a little bit about what we’ve learned so that you can handle the moving project for your business smoothly too! When it’s time to move office, there is an extra level of work because you have to consider who you are affecting when you move. This may includes not only your staff and employees but also your customers, vendors and suppliers who work with your business on a day to day basis. We’ve put together a few simple […]

A Removalists Take on a Home that needs Fixing

When we move things into a house that needs work, we’ve realised a few things over the years both as comments from our customers and also by our own observations. We know that to make a house into a home, each piece of property needs a little bit of work. But when is a little bit of work too much work such that it becomes ineffective to do something about it? Here are our a few tips we’ve got from our removalists in Sydney about that bit of renovation work you are thinking of getting for your home! Move Out […]

Things to do to prepare for your Office Move

There seem to be a lot of things that need to be put in order now that the move has been confirmed, the contracts for the new lease have been finalised and the renovations are underway for your new location. It’s an exciting time for your business, but what is there to do next so that you can really make sure the move has been planned just right. We list some things that business owners sometimes forget to do in all of the hustle and bustle of a move here and we hope that it helps you get ahead when […]

How to minimize Downtime during Office Removals

Removals can be stressful for anybody, and even more so when it’s your office that’s going through the move. Everything goes all topsy turvy and things are out of place. What’s going to happen to the accounts, the phone calls and the emails? What about the work that needs to be done and the applications that need to be processed? Every moment lost is a lost opportunity to do business and wrap up a deal, so how can we reduce the time that the business is out of action? Weekend or After hours Removals This is a pretty simple solution […]

Getting back to work after a Move

It seems like once all the removalists are gone and everything is set up that there’s still a lot left to do. Even though you’re still in Sydney, because you’re in a new location, there’s a lot to relearn in terms of where everything is and how everything is placed. We’ll love for you to get on with business, so here are a few tips to help you get back to work as soon as possible! Have a Move-in Phase Give your staff a break for the first one or two days when they’ve moved in to get settled in […]